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About Us

Midwest Coalition of Labor Credit Union was founded in 1974 for members and employees in good standing with IUOE Local 150, Midwest Operating Engineers Fringe Benefits and the Credit Union.

In 1993, the field of membership was expanded to include members and employees of IUOE Local 399, and expanded again in 2004 to include members and employees of Teamsters Local 731.

Membership was once again expanded in June 2018 to include members and employees of the Midwest Coalition of Labor.
To become a member of the Midwest Coalition of Labor Credit Union, you must be within our field of membership. As of June 2018, membership was defined as any member in good standing of the Midwest Coalition of Labor and Teamsters Local 731 ("Local Unions"). Employees of Midwest Operating Engineers Fringe Benefit Funds, the Apprenticeship and Skill Improvement Program ("ASIP"), Indiana-Illinois-Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting ("FFC"), Midwest Operating Engineers Information Technology Services LLC ("MOEITS") and Midwest Coalition of Labor Credit Union. Also, employees of the Local Unions, non-bargaining unit employees of any employee benefit plan identified in the collective bargaining agreement ("CBA"), IUOE Local 150 Step 2 Permit Holders, indentured apprentices of any of the Local Unions and any person receiving a benefit from an employee benefit plan identified in the CBA's.

All immediate family members are eligible for membership as long as the union member or department employee is already a credit union member.

How to Join

If you are eligible to become a member, please call or e-mail the credit union for a member application or pick one up at the credit union or any district office. Your membership will be opened upon receipt of a completed membership application, a minimum deposit of $100 (one share), and a copy of a valid driver’s license or state identification for all owners and joint owners. If your license has a renewal sticker on the back, please make a copy of the front and back of the license. A family or minor membership requires a copy of a birth certificate and/or marriage certificate.

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account.

The Important Account Information for Our Members brochure containing the Terms and Conditions, Electronic Fund Transfers Disclosure, Your Ability to Withdraw Funds Policy, and Truth-In-Savings Disclosure, along with our Regulation CC Policy and other necessary disclosures will be mailed to you once your membership is approved and processed.

Board of Directors

Steve Cisco - Chairperson
Gary Perinar - Vice Chairman
Kenneth Edwards - Secretary
Brian Hickey - Treasurer
James Connolly - Director
Donald Finn - Director
John Garza - Director
Kathleen Grimm - Director
Terrence J. Hancock - Director

Supervisory Committee

John Garza
Kathleen Grimm
Mike Masterson

 Credit Committee

Brian Hickey
Donald Finn
James Connolly
Judy Mackowiak
Casey Martin

Credit Union Staff

Casey Martin - President
Judy Mackowiak - Operations Manager
Iris Harris - Accountant
Maureen Bigelow – Loan Officer
Pam Viscariello – Loan Officer
Kim Koenig – Operations (ACH/Debit/Share drafts)
Kirsten Young - Member Service Rep
Sarah Smith - Member Service Rep

ATM Locations

Main Credit Union - 6240 Joliet Rd Countryside, IL
Training Site - 19800 W Arsenal Rd Wilmington, Il
Local 399 - 2260 S Grove Chicago, IL
District 7 - 2193 W 84th Place Merrillville, IN
District 3 - 28874 Rt 120 Lakemoor, IL


Lost/Stolen Visa Card 800-322-8472 - Lost/Stolen Debit Card-in U.S. 800-554-8969 - Lost/Stolen Debit Card-outside U.S. 514-554-5101
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